For an efficient, planned move!


Customer Moving Requirements

  • The Amazing Movers team is looking forward to helping you with your upcoming move! Please review the following to ensure that you are prepared for a successful move

  • DO's

  • • Pack everything before the movers arrive. All loose items that can fit inside of a box should be packed inside some type of container (box, bin, or bag). Movers are not able to move smaller loose items that are not packed away.

  • Prior to your move date, please create a packing list for your own use. Your list should include your required packing materials, a schedule of when you will pack each room, when you will clean the house, and when the movers will arrive.  If you want to protect any mattresses or box springs from getting dirty please order mattress protectors from Amazon. All this will keep you organized and ensure that you are completely prepared for your move date.

  • Contact us about extra large and heavy items. If you have extra large or heavy items such as a piano or exercise equipment, please inform us ahead of time. Costs may vary for any specialty items to be moved. These items require a separate booking and fee as they entail multiple movers and extra time.

  • Moving company insurance protects our employees, large event damage and some standard damage at a max upto 60 cents / pound. If you would like to protect your belongings, any expensive items, antiques please consider purchasing extra moving insurance from an insurance provider.

  • Make sure all appliances that require moving are uninstalled from any water or gas connections. Moving teams are not authorized to un-install any water or gas connections.

  • Remove any items or vehicles blocking access to the home so that the movers can efficiently move items out of the entrance.

  • • Please note that we require a 3 hour minimum for pricing purposes, however allmoves differ. Depending on home size and access, number of items, and customer preparation, standard moves can range between 3 and 8 or more hours. In order to keep move time and cost at a minimum, please be sure that you are completely packed and ready for your move before the movers arrive.

  • DONT's

  • Please note that we do not offer packing services on the day of the move. As stated above, packing should either be done by the customer prior to the move or ask us about scheduling packing services prior to move date.

  • Please also note that we do not offer dump or donation trips. Items for donation or the dump should be taken care of prior to the move or after the move is complete.

  • Thank you for taking care of this preparation. Please feel free to reach out in case of any questions. We look forward to moving you! The Amazing Movers Team